Check out the Jewellery in our Winter Sale!

Our winter sale is already underway, we're marking down last year's stock to make room for new chains, rings, pendants, etc, so take advantage of the New Year 2023! 

Get yourself some bling, something for Valentine’s Day (just 1 month away), pick up a gift for an upcoming birthday, holiday or anniversary (you do have one of those coming up), or just treat yourself to something special. 

Curb chains - Sleek, Trendy, Sexy
What's our most popular type of gold chain?  The most straightforward chain among the classic gold chains - the curb chain.   The use of this chain has been widespread for centuries and is a stunning piece of jewellery.  Easy to wear at work or out on the town. Check out our selection here: Chains – Hanratty Jewellers.
Engagement Rings 
Many factors come to play in the purchase of an engagement ring.. such as symbolism, design and price, but it is never the same for each person.  At Hanratty Jewellers, our approach is to assist you in choosing according to your taste and budget.  We stock a selection at a wide variety of price points, many of which are reduced in our winter sale.  Call our staff today to arrange a private appointment.

No matter what you choose, we will happy to welcome you into our family of satisfied customers. Elevate your style game! For any additional questions, you can always contact us. Someone from our team will be there to assist, while you browse through our collection. Let’s go shopping!